Latest News from Snohomish Valley Holistic Medicine

Snohomish Valley Holistic Medicine has been serving the Greater Snohomish area since 2004! We want to thank all of our patients for their continued support and patronage. We realize that everyone has choices when it comes to their healthcare and greatly appreciate those who have chosen to come to our clinic over the past several years.

COVID-19 Update

Dear patients,

Now that the COVID-19 Pandemic has officially ended, we are happy to see your smiling faces! Masks are no longer required for routine care; however, we still advise anyone with acute respiratory symptoms coming to the office to notify us at the time appointment is made and upon arrival, so we can provide a mask to wear in the wating area and/or usher you into a treatment room to minimize the spreading of germs. I am continuing my in-person appointment hours on Mondays and Thursdays and will also continue to offer telemedicine by appointment only on days I am not in the office. My availability for telemedicine will vary somewhat throughout the year, but so far, I have been able to accomodate most patients requesting telemedicine within a week. In order to optimize my availability for care requiring in-person exams, my default option for follow-up visits will be via telemedicine unless there is a need for an exam.

In health,
Stacy Bowker, ND